Welcome to Mountain Porcupine Design.

Porcupine Design? What’s a Mountain Porcupine? Well, porcupines have this supernatural ability to seek higher ground when a winter storm’s about to break. And that’s how we picture ourselves – one step ahead of the storm; climbing to higher ground in a blizzard of the not-so-great ideas out there. We’d like to help you find your higher ground too. Follow the porcupine.

Mountain Porcupine is an interactive and print design agency. We specialise in intuitive and efficient concepts with noticeable results. Whether your business requires an integrated campaign in either web or print or both, Mountain Porcupine Design will work with you to help find that perfect path to higher ground.

Please be patient as we’re still getting working on our site. Visit us again very soon for a full portfolio of our work and to learn more about the Mountain Porcupine.